my idea of wealth has changed. when i was little i’d dream about living in a giant mansion with like a tennis court and a bowling alley and an indoor swimming pool and all other sorts of sports things i’d never use. now when i fantasize i’m like, “maybe someday i’ll be able to rent a one bedroom apartment and live there alone.”

"Shyness has a strange element of narcissism, a belief that how we look, how we perform, is truly important to other people."
— Andre Dubus (via sassafras-manson)
"Not everyone you lose is a loss."
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"All my life, my heart has sought a thing I cannot name."
— Hunter S. Thompson (via h-o-r-n-g-r-y)
"if you consider a woman
less pure after you’ve touched her
maybe you should take a look at your hands"

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"I will only let you touch me
if your hands are so full of intention that every brush of your palms feels like you writing a novel on my skin."

— Azra. T, Braile (via aurelle)